Naomi Owen

October 3, 1937  ~  March 22, 2008

For twenty years Naomi Owen suppressed her desire to crossdress and until one night at a Halloween Ball she met Ariadne Kane who invited her to Fantasia Fair.  That’s when she first started wearing women’s cloths and never looked back.  It wasn’t long after that she began developing ideas on how to help the transgender community.  In the 60’s she started out by opening many doors to the whole world of crossdressers.  Her dreams were of meetings and getting individuals together for dinner in order to show the girls not to be afraid to experience their other self.  “It’s not a disease, we are respectable” she would always say.  More than 27 years ago she started to work on the idea of having a huge group of girls gathered together in a hotel; she called it “Be-All” (Be-All all you want to be).  When she first started out it was very difficult to get things going.  Social views and laws could send you to jail if you got caught in a dress because no one even tried to understand.

As the years flew by social views have changed a lot.  We are now in the year 2008 and the Be-All convention is one of the biggest events held in Chicago.  It has grown in the hundreds where girls come from all over the world to enjoy this beautiful event. She was President of Chi-Chapter Tri-Ess for 9 Years and was one of the founders of IFGE.  She also gave more than 200 presentations to Colleges, Universities and Police departments as well as making appearances on talk shows and news programs.  In 1980 while she was visiting a local wig shop met a very special lady, Rachael Galan who became her very special friend and lover.  Naomi was featured in the Mariette Pathy Allen’s groundbreaking book “Transformations: Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them”, printed in 1989.

No amount of words can accurately describe someone who put their reputation on the line to make life better for people all over the world.  If not for her heroic efforts I for one would not be alive to tell the tail.  We will miss Naomi very much but she will always be remembered as a strong individual who had a hug vision and made it happen.