Group Activities


Regular meetings are held once a month and are open the general public. Meeting attendance may vary from 30 to 60 with the majority crossdressed. A typical meeting consists of a 'business' session, a guest speaker or program and refreshments. If you are interested in attending your first Chi Chapter meeting, please call our info/message line to let us know your coming. Doors open at 6:00pm and the meeting starts at 8:00pm in the Executive Training Center at the DoubleTree hotel in Oak Brook Illinois and if you wish you can use the private entrance.

Parties and Special Events
Twice a year, instead of a meeting night, we schedule a special event or party. In April we have “Spring Fling” (The Prom you always wanted to attend.)and in November our holiday season formal party, “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.

PALS Chi Chapter is the exclusive home to the PALS group. PALS, is a support group for spouses and significant others of cross-dressers.

Couples Group
We also have a Couples Group which is geared towards those who are married or in significant relationships. They are a safe place to share emotions, vent frustrations and anxiety, or just be heard and supported by someone who listens unconditionally.

Various gender organizations sponsor special weekend events. Chi Chapter takes its turn in providing full or co-sponsorship of these weekends. The typical weekend includes a Thursday through Sunday program of informative seminars, dinners, entertainment, and group outings in public. Vendors specializing in products for crossdressers also offer their merchandise or services.

In Spring of 2001, Chi Chapter  co-hosted the I.F.G.E. Convention (International Foundation for Gender Education.) 


  • Personal security is of primary importance.
  • We do not publish names and addresses of members to anyone except the few chapter officers who need such to make contact with members.
  • We allow members their personal privacy and secrecy of true identity by using only "femme" names at meetings and parties.