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A meeting Place:

  • A meeting place open to the public, where you can dress peacefully and maintain your confidentiality.
  • A supportive hosting staff that understands our needs.


  • Each member has a story of their transgendered experiences. Sharing them strengthens our spirits.
  • You meet people of all walks of life and make new friends.
  • Wives and significant others have a place to share too.
  • Friendly vendors help you create or improve your look.


  • A newcomers program welcomes first-timers in a small private group meeting. This helps calm the usual jitters about coming out. Wives and SO's meet together in a small private setting to discuss issues relevant to their relationship and Transgendered husband.
  • Outreach: We provide speakers to colleges, universities and other places willing to listen and understand the truth about us.
  • Guest Speakers: Several times a year we have acknowledged experts come to speak to us about gender related topics.
  • Panels: Our meeting programs also include some panel discussions where the experiences of others can be shared in an open forum.
  • Parties: We love to socialize en-femme. Our parties are a time to dress to the nines, have a meal together and enjoy entertainment and dancing.
  • Web sites: Our web site provides a wealth of additional information and chosen links to other web sites.
  • Counselor Connections: We can provide the names of counselors and therapists who understand the needs of our community.